L&L co. Events


Soo.. your thinking of becoming a venue

The L&L co. Events team can work exclusively along side you to:

  • Assess the property & viability

  • Market your property to couples

  • Match couples to your venue

  • Manage viewings & open days

  • Manage bookings

  • Manage couples

  • Conduct advertising

  • Manage social media content professionally

  • Assist with property brand that you wish to achieve

We also take care of all event logistics, security and staff for the event from start to finish.

Some properties we work with fly under the radar and only host 5 weddings annually others host 25, it really is up to you!

Due to the growing rise in our industry on the Sunshine Coast -  we only work with properties who choose to be exclusive. We have the qualifications, experience and knowledge to back what we do.